Crew Member

  • 600 - 650 EUR į rankas
  • I know you wouldn’t wear a stiff uniform, so we don’t have any. We’re looking for front of house Crew Members who love doing it all, because the Moxy Crew role consists of being a Welcome Agent, Bartender, Food and Kitchen Service... all you, all the time.
  • - newly opened Hotel Moxy - friendly team - intersting & dynamic jobs
  • - Pilnas etatas
  • Kaunas


I am looking for people who: • Love doing it all; • Always think outside the box; • Enjoy chatting it up with guests; • Have high energy and a fearless do-it-yourself attitude; • Have good command of English.


Moxy Kaunas Center is the newest Kaunas distinctive, lifestyle hotel. With its 175 rooms, it is designed to give our Fun Hunters everything they want and nothing they don’t, all at an affordable price. To revolutionize the category requires a lot of moxie, which in popular language means: “the ability to face difficulty with high energy, spirit and courage.”

Crew Member, Moxy Kaunas Center

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